Microsoft Fix It Center Beta 1.0.0080.0

Software that scans Windows-based PCs to diagnose and then solve various computer problems

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    Beta 1.0.0080.0

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003

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Microsoft Fix It Center Beta 1.0.0080.0
Microsoft Fix It Center 1.0.0080.0 Beta

Microsoft Fix It Center is a utility that helps keep your Windows PC running smoothly by performing scans for specific types of problems and applying fixes when possible. The software is made by Microsoft, which ensures that it's trustworthy and won't harm your system. You won't have to worry about it being another useless "fix my PC" program that does nothing useful and just shows ads.

Using Microsoft Fix It Center is very simple. The installation process is fast and takes only a few minutes. Once you get the program running, you'll be presented with a simple interface showing various system components that you could be having problems with, like Internet Explorer performance, playing audio, power, etc. By clicking the "Run" button on the right, Microsoft Fix It Center will start a scan in an effort to find the cause of the problem.

Once the scan is done, it will show you a list of possible solutions that you can try. Sometimes, it will be as simple as changing a control panel setting. For some problems, Microsoft Fix It Center will need to download additional troubleshooting tools to perform more advanced tests. Once all solutions have been attempted, it will ask you whether the problem has been fixed and give you the chance to send feedback to Microsoft.

This troubleshooting tool can help correct many kinds of problems you can run into on Windows, such as poor performance, a hardware component not working, programs crashing, etc. It's quite simple to use, even for those without much technical skill.

Microsoft Fix It Center is a free tool that is still in beta phase. It's still under development and won't always be able to solve every problem you run into. But it has a lot of potential and could replace many third-party troubleshooting utilities once it's out of beta testing.


  • Official and trusted software from Microsoft.
  • Has automated troubleshooters for dozens of problems.
  • Simple to use, no technical knowledge required.


  • Still in beta phase, may not completely fix every problem.

Fix It Center for Windows is Microsoft's newest diagnostic program. It has been designed to replace a number of diagnostic tools, help windows, and crash centers that come pre-installed with the operating system.

Microsoft's built-in diagnostic and repair utilities have always had a bad reputation. When serious problems begin to take place on a laptop or desktop computer, these programs typically provide little or no valuable information. Aside from telling users to restart their PCs, the utilities seldom offer useful suggestions to fix problems. As a way to combat ever-growing dissatisfaction, Windows Fix It Center has been released by Microsoft in hopes of providing a more effective tool. It can help users learn more about system errors and obtain helpful solutions from Microsoft or its support community. For those who have recently begun to notice chronic errors on their PCs, here's a closer look at the features that Fix It Center may be able to offer.

Once installed, it will be obvious to any user that Fix It Center was designed for people with little to no technical expertise or computer repair skills. This means that it will primarily help private users who have issues with their home computers. Nonetheless, it could also prove useful for small business owners who want to solve very basic IT problems on their own (such as server errors). Although the program repeatedly asks users to download additional software during the setup process, it's extremely easy and can be carried out in just a few minutes. After the download and installation are complete, it will ask to run a quick diagnostic scan of the computer. This allows it to collect various information, such as the operating system and type of PC.

The program requires a full download, so it can be used offline. Users may also create online profiles or connect with Windows Live to share technical information or seek further assistance. During the software's scanning stage, Fix It Center may find any number of issues and offer one or more of its 27 troubleshooters. It has been designed to seek out technical solutions for a wide variety of problems including Internet connection, printer, audio, visual, file, software compatibility and wireless device errors.

Those who download this program will notice two unique advantages: the trustworthy nature of the software and its ease of use. While a user cannot expect miracles to occur if his or her computer experiences a catastrophic failure, Fix It Center is clearly a step up from the generic diagnostic and help programs that come pre-installed on Windows computers.


  • Interface designed for non-technical users
  • Single-click solutions for many common problems
  • A plethora of online resources and help files


  • Additional software is offered during the download and throughout use
  • May cause issues with third-party security software
  • Automatically downloads updates without permission

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